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Why AgroTech

Digital Platform.

Agrotech Plus leverages on advances in machine learning,Block chain, remote sensing, and mobile money to deliver input finance, Customized insurance products and agronomic advice on climate smart agriculture to smallholders at a lower cost than current solutions

Ongoing Monitoring of farm Performance.

Through continuous remote monitoring of farmlands, we can capture changes in vegetation/crop cover and provide an early warning system for repayment risk

Climate Smart Agricultural Inputs Gap for Smallholder Farmers.

Adoption of new forms of non-traditional data driven models. Easy to gather and say more about Rural smallholder farms (the most important income source for smallholder farmers).

Our Aim.

Financing for high-quality farm inputs.

AgroTech+ provides a platform where small-scale farmers can imporve their farm produce by provision of loans , which have low interest rates to enhance purchase the of high-quality farm inputs. We also provide guidance on which inputs to purchase after testing the soil in your farm using our world-class equipments , thus ensuring quality of inputs.

Insurance Policy.

Agrotech Plus is not an insurance company, but rather a service provider working with local insurers and other stakeholders in the agricultural insurance value chain. The Agrotech Plus undertakes risk assessment, product development and risk monitoring to facilitate access to crop insurance products for smallholders. With tailored agriculture microinsurance products, farmers can confidently invest in quality inputs, increase their productivity and access agricultural loans. The team has developed insurance products to cover a variety of crops against weather risks like drought, storms, flood and erratic rains, as well as other production risks.

Post-harvest market support

Agrotech Plus has designed a solar-powered cold storage preservation technology that extends the shelf life of perishable crops from 5 days to 21 days and a mobile application that connects farmers to food aggregators and vendors to help reduce post-harvest losses. This off-grid cold store is available to smallholder farmers as a service where farmers pay a daily fee of $0.30 per 20kg crate stored or pay weekly subscription fees. While farmers keep their crops, Agrotech Plus further assists farmers in selling off their crops at competitive prices. Agrotech plus mobile off-grid cold room is multipurpose. The cold room accommodates fresh Vegetables and fruits. The mission of Agrotech Plus is to help reduce post-harvest losses of fruit and vegetables.

Summary of Actions.

Capacity building by training over 250 Village Champions in Kenya on Agri-Insurance as a risk mitigation approach to address both weather relater and non-weather related risks through ACRE’s index insurance services; Weather Index (WII), Area Yield Index (AYII) Multi-peril crop Index (MPCI) and the hybrid index that combines both index and multi-peril.... Collection of farmer profiles and onboarding of them onto various bundled products & services digitally Partnerships with other stakeholders for bundled and integrated solutions to ensure increase of agricultural insurance awareness and uptake.Engaging key partnerships that help re-define our product development to suitable, affordable and accessible products for smallholder farmer e.g. the commoditized micro-insurance product (BIMA PIMA) that is packeged as a voucher card and activated through USSD dial. Development and incorporation of digital tools to simplify farmer onboarding process and performance tracking. Development of business training content/curriculum on risk management and agriculture insurance. Develop disaggregated data collection framework and tools that enable reporting on gender inclusion trends. Farmers training on risk management and Climate smart agriculture via various channels e.g. Village champions, field days, group meetings, collaborative planning. Use of digital tools and smartphone applications for data collection and dissemination of advisories on agri-risk management to profiled farmers.

Success Stories.

Innovative Credit Scoring for Farmer Financing
Ongoing Monitoring of Loan Performance
Financing Gap for Smallholder Farmers