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The global challenge

In today's world, a staggering 805 million people still grapple with the harsh realities of hunger. Looking ahead to 2050, we are faced with the formidable task of providing sustenance for an estimated two billion more individuals. A striking 80% of the food consumed in developing regions is cultivated by small-scale farmers, emphasizing the urgency of creating a sustainable food system that caters to their needs.

The pursuit of SDG 2: Zero Hunger stands as an immense challenge, both on an individual and global scale. With food demand projected to surge by over 70% by 2050, while food production lags behind, the question arises: How do we nourish the growing global population?

The key to this complex puzzle lies in investing in the world's 500 million smallholder farmers in developing nations. This investment is instrumental in bolstering food and nutritional security, while simultaneously supplying both local and international food markets. To eradicate hunger, we must confront significant obstacles, including the containment of crop pests, which are responsible for up to 40% of crop losses, and the dissemination of knowledge on agricultural best practices and nutritional information.

ATP envisions a world where we can enhance agricultural productivity while minimizing losses, leading to improved food and nutrition security and bolstered rural livelihoods through the reduction of crop losses.

Our action

ATP is dedicated to empowering smallholder farmers in enhancing their crop yields, mitigating the impact of pests and diseases, and exploring eco-friendly alternatives to pesticides. Through our support, farmers are gaining access to superior planting materials and seeds, and embracing sustainable agricultural practices, including the utilization of organic fertilizers.

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