Gender and youth

Empowering and employing women and youth

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The global challenge

Women and young individuals hold significant potential to shape the future of agriculture. Despite limited control over decision-making within family farms, women already comprise a substantial 43% of the global agricultural workforce. Simultaneously, the ambition and enthusiasm of young people mark them as invaluable assets to the farming sector. However, they encounter genuine challenges.

Women frequently encounter obstacles in accessing agricultural information necessary to generate income from farming, often facing greater hurdles compared to men. Young individuals, seeking opportunities in rural areas, encounter limitations due to restricted access to agricultural financing, essential information, and land resources.

To unlock the full potential of women and the youth in agriculture, it is imperative to dismantle the barriers obstructing their path to employment. This pursuit aligns with the noble objectives encapsulated in SDG 5: Gender Equality, calling for a more inclusive and equitable agricultural landscape.

ATP envisions a world where women, youth, and marginalized communities are actively embraced in the realm of agriculture, assuming pivotal roles in ensuring equity, bolstering engagement in agribusiness, mitigating youth unemployment, fostering livelihood enhancement, driving heightened production, and ultimately diminishing poverty.

Our action

ATP's mission is to cultivate opportunities for women and young individuals in the field of agriculture through our commitment to inclusive economic expansion. Our efforts are centered on stimulating increased food production and trade, all the while ensuring that the rewards of this growth are equitably shared among women and the youth.

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