We supply Farmers with Right Tools For Sustainable Agriculture

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Our Aproach

We offer quality products and services in deeply rural areas, along with affordable payment options. As our customers, farmers choose products that make sense for their farms.

We support many staple crops, such as grains, beans and vegetables, which farm families rely on for food. We also offer commercial crops, livestock and trees, to help farmers diversify their incomes.

To reach as many farmers as possible, we both serve farmers directly and also work with partners.

Service Program

We put every Shilling towards what’s best for farmers. We have a blended-revenue model: about 0% of our field expenses are financed through farmer purchases, with Credit Financial Margins covering the rest.

Our Farmers voluntarily select and purchase our services as they find them so valuable. Farmers are willing and able to pay for our services: 98% of customers repay on time each year.
As we grow, we aim to increase the sustainability of our field operations over time. This means farmer purchases will fuel most of our future growth.